Apostle woman ? Is it biblical?

I was praying inquiring God about something heard in an Audible book. In the book, the author was saying that a woman was an apostle which surprised me. I thought that woman could not hold position of power in the church so I was confuse.

Then, God explained to me how woman apostle is biblical. The role of an apostle is to establish churches not to preside over them. Apostle battle for territory in their prayers then in the physical realm, they open churches presided by anointed man of God.

Women can open churches but they cannot preside over them. Women cannot have authority over men meaning they cannot teach directly to men. They can teach if they are with their husband on their side, literally on their side . They can teach if they are under the will of God meaning if God told them directly to teach to somebody (male or female). Also the other way they can teach is through media , this is a new one, there are women who are called to teach through media in this season. Those women are not disturbing the order of things because they are not teaching directly to men. If a man decides to listen to those videos, that’s him deciding for himself to put a woman over him and that’s his choice . Not a bad one nor a good one, only his choice.

People of God, women can be apostle. Nothing wrong with that and do not come with explications saying how it was only in that time that women could not hold position of power in the church. “This a false doctrine. My Word never changes saith the Lord of Hosts

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