The Chinese’s agenda for the nations; visions and prophecies on China

– January 4, 2021: While I was praying , I heard “ The West is not ready for what is about to happen ” followed by a vision of Asian eyes/slanted eyes. Then I received the interpretation from God today, God is saying that Chinese are in position ready to attack , awaiting a signal. Be ready for war. Be ready.

– March 1st, 2021: While I was praying, I saw an old ancient Chinese soldier sitting in an Indian-style position. This means that they are waiting patiently , for a long time, for the best moment to attack.

– February 26, 2021; I had a prophetic dreams where I was entering my old building. The building was guarded by rich looking Asian man . I entered the building with a key which surprised the man. Upon entering the elevator, an overweight Caucasian lady and the Asian man entered with me against my will.

Mind you I do not leave in the U.S.A , I leave in Canada.


This mean the Chinese army will control the movement of a lot of people but those who have the keys (symbolize authority in the courts of Heavens) will be able to move without being stopped by them. The overweight lady represents America who is abiding Chinese soldiers without knowing.

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