Eating food in your dreams

Are you eating food in your dreams? If so, this is for you. In the kingdom of darkness, a lot of initiations are taking place in the world of dreams.

The kingdom of the devil is a kingdom that operates like a worldly kingdom. It has as hierarchy. It has rules and regulations. This kingdom is at the top of the earth. This kingdom has a ruler, Lucifer. Under it, there’s principalities followed by dominion followed by a congregation and plenty of demons.

One of the ways they recruit is by bloodline and by obligation from rulers above them. Once a demon has been assigned to initiate someone it will find a legal opening to do so.

One of the ways of finding legality is through searching up your bloodline. If an ancestor has committed any unrepented sins, they can obtain legal right to habit you .

Once they habit you, they will find ways to start initiation. One of them is through eating in your dreams. They will serve you different kinds of food that are fill with sorcery and witchcraft. Once you eat them, you are initiated.

After that, you are somebody in the kingdom of darkness, knowingly or unknowingly. You have to get freed with the blood of Jesus.

I will put a series of prayers in the section “ Prayer points” called “ RENOUNCING MEMBERSHIP OF EVIL ASSOCIATIONS” . You have to prayer those prayer points continuously until you are totally free from evil associations.

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