A notice to whoever wanting to get closer to God

To get closer to God, you have to deny yourself everyday. Take up your cross everyday. Sacrifice your wants and focus on God.

Meaning if you like to always sleep at 10 PM. One day, try to pray until 11 PM and then sleep. Like this, you are showing God that you are willing to sacrifice the things you want or need for time with Him.

Prayer is essential to get closer to God. You will never be able to contain the Holy Spirit if you are not in prayer continuously. Meaning, the Holy Spirit will not dwell in your life. The Holy Spirit needs a certain environment to function. He cannot stay in a body filled with sins. He needs a body who is available, a clean heart.

“Holy Spirit come into my life today in Jesus name, Amen. ” This simple prayer is all you need when you have a clean heart and ask for the Holy Spirit to come into your life.

“Father, forgive me for all my sins. Forgive me for everything that I did that disappointed you. Forgive me as I forgive others . In Jesus name, I pray amen.” This simple prayer is all you need when you want a clean heart. A clean heart is a heart that is repenting continuously.

People of God, it’s time to get closer to God.

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