Sitting above

Prophecy given night of March 16, 2021

” God wants to tell you that you have two heads, one on this earth and one in heaven. Only if you have given your life to God,you have a head in heaven, in the throne room. You are sitting with Christ.

You have to know that sitting with Christ requires a life of holiness. To be sited in heaven, you have to be renewed from head to toe. You have to change completely.

You cannot be sited in the heavenly realm as long as you are not made a new creature. That transformation is done by the reading of the word of God and by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit wants to make a new creature out of somebody. If you want to be that person, you have to surrender your life to Christ. You have to leave your old nature and put on the new identity in Christ. The Holy Spirit is saying that He is waiting for some people . But not for too long. Come in the arms of God before it is too late. ”

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