A hair in my home

Yesterday, after coming back from a walk with my family, I saw a hair on the countertop of my kitchen. When I saw it, I started to laugh because just the day before in my prayer line group, the minister who is in charge talked about how for some days he was seeing (in the physical realm) a white hair in his house.

Mind you, this hair was long and wavy. My husband, kid and myself all have some type of curly hair. I ,then, picked up the hair after asking permission of the Holy Spirit and showed it to my husband. He thought that maybe we picked up the hair while walking outside, but I knew it wasn’t that.

So, when I started to pray the Holy Spirit revealed to me that hair belongs to a chariot. This hair is from a evil horse tail. He , then, prompt me to put the fire of God all through the house. I did this for the majority of my prayer time.

This morning, He told me to continue sending fire throughout the whole house. I did this for 15 min.

This is a way of protection. People of God, please consider putting the fire of God throughout your house. The fire of God acts as a fire for evil being pushing them out and burning them alive. Put it everyday on all the walls of your house.

This morning, during my prayer time, the Holy Spirit told me to always apply the fire of God on my walls before leaving the house. Mind you, I did pray before going out , asking God to send His angels to watch over the house, but the fire of God does something else it keeps the evil from entering.

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