Prophecy given April 17, 2021

While praying I heard “ Senseless Christians will be hanged . Not because of what they did for the kingdom but because of their lack of intelligence. They won’t even see it coming. Be wise as a serpent in this time. Question everything . Do not follow the crowd.”

Internet gone

Prophecy given April 17, 2021

While praying I heard

Soon Christians and the world will have to live without internet. Christians will have to get use to live without it. Do you have your Bible on hand or you have to use the internet to access it? Do you have other form of entertainment besides your phone and T.V. ? Can you last some days and some weeks without internet? Be ready because it’s coming a time where you will not have it for a moment.

Fire of God ( part VI)

While I was praying with my prayer partner , we were lead , by the Spirit of God, to ask God to scratch the surface of the thick wall preventing her breakthrough.

This method is good to use when the Holy Spirit told you that there is a thick wall in need of breaking in order to receive your blessing.

After asking “ O God arise and scratch the surface of the wall preventing my breakthrough in the name of Jesus Christ.” The Holy Spirit suggests to say “ O God arise and loose your fire on this wall in the name of Jesus Christ. ”

This method is really efficient. We were lead into victory last night.