Fire of God (part IV)

How to increase God’s fire in a place ? You can increase it by saying “ Fire” repeatedly followed by “ of God in this place in the name of Jesus Christ.

Another way is by saying “ I spew the fire of God” after having already call the fire of God in a place.

Example “ Fire of God in this house in the name of Jesus ” followed by “ I spew the fire of God into this fire in the name of Jesus Christ.”

This will put your fire stronger and help push and keep away evil spirits.

Obedience to God

While I was praying , God started to talk me about certain things that are about to take place for me as well as other Christian who remained faithful unto Him.

He explained that because of my obedience, He will bless me .

For the past months, I’ve been on a journey with God. He took from a place where I was only praying 5 min at most per day to where I spend almost all of my time in prayer or listening to anointed music or learning from man/woman of God that He directs me to listen too.

I came to this point by His grace. When I started this real walk with God, my life was going great by worldly standards. I had (still have) a nice condo, just became a mother , was (still Am) married to a great guy and had a great career. But when I finally answered to God’s call , there are things that God told me to let go and I did.

Some of the things were to let go of my career which I went to university for while having a mortgage to pay . To let go of friends who , according to worldly and even some christian standards , were great people. To stop contact with some of my family members and many other things. But I did , sometimes with a heavy heart and sometimes with tears on my face.

While all of this was and is still taking place, one thing I know for sure is God has a plan for me and for you too, reader. I know , sometimes, things may seem a little chaotic and you don’t really know where God is taking you but just trust Him, obey Him and you’ll see.

Fire of God (part III)

One day , while praying with my prayer partner, it was brought out by the Spirit of God that there was a thick wall blocking her breakthrough.

We were lead by the Spirit of God to send His fire over it, then I started to see a ray of light going through. So, we continued sending God’s fire on it.

This method of sending the fire of God on a thick wall in the heavenlies is very efficient for praying when there’s delays that are not explained by sin (you already asked for forgiveness, cleansed your bloodline with the blood of Jesus but still nothing) . This method opens up the wall and make a way for the blessings of God to be delivered to you .

People of God, use this method with faith and you shall see the difference in Jesus name.

When two or three…

Prayer partners are important. If you read in Matthew 18:20 NKJV “ For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.”, the bible clearly states that when two or three are praying together He is there with them. Who is there?

The Holy Spirit is there in the midst of them. Someone may ask , it’s not Jesus who is there ? No, Jesus sits on His throne until it’s time for Him to come back on earth. The Holy Spirit , the Spirit of God, that Jesus sent on His behalf is the one that is present when we are gathered in prayer.

When the Holy Spirit is in the mist of a group praying, there is a level of fire that is produce from all the little fire of the Holy Spirit that is in each and everyone .

This fire produces miracle, deliverance, give peace, spiritual tongues are spoken and so much more. The fire of God is moving and people feel it.

The problem is that now, people have so little fire of the Holy Spirit in them that when they gathered the Spirit of God doesn’t have enough fire to operate .

People of God, this is about to change . God will pour out His spirit on all flesh and you will not miss it because signs and wonders will follow.

This storm will pass

Prophecy given April 15, 2021

This storm will pass . A time of protection for Christians . While the world will go through a period of storms, My people will be protected. My people will not lack because they have been preparing for that time. Did you prepare ? You, reader, I’ve sent my prophet many times to announce those things to come but people have ignored her but I will let her give this last warning. People of God, buy food and water you will regret if you don’t.