To the devil’s followers

Prophecy given April 15, 2021

Yesterday, the 15 of April , something unusual happened . I was having a pretty uneventful day when out of the blue I started to feel oppression.

At first, I thought it was boredom, so I started to listen to preachings on youtube. But I still felt oppressed. Then, I played and worshipped with anointed music which gave me some sort of relief . Finally, I decided to go pray.

While praying, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that I was being attacked by some witch from the internet who read a post about the fire of God on this blog.

God showed me what happened to her spirit and it was not nice.

This is the message that God has for the devil’s followers .

Woe to the world, life is so complicated for satan’s followers. Woe to them, soon they will see where they are going.

Peace of God

Prophecy and vision given April 15, 2021

While praying I heard “ Come take this letter. ” and then I saw a scroll piercing the sky followed by this message.

Peace, peace , peace for My children. God’s honour is found in His order. He does things in order. God does things in order.

Sometimes, God is going to make you wait for years because He is just waiting for you to leave something behind. And only when you leave it behind, He will guide you to the next step.

A lot of people are stuck because they do not want to leave something or someone behind that God told them a long time ago to do.

People of God, let’s be wise and obey his voice.

This storm will pass

Prophecy given April 15, 2021

This storm will pass . A time of protection for Christians . While the world will go through a period of storms, My people will be protected. My people will not lack because they have been preparing for that time. Did you prepare ? You, reader, I’ve sent my prophet many times to announce those things to come but people have ignored her but I will let her give this last warning. People of God, buy food and water you will regret if you don’t.

Wolves in sheep clothing

Prophecy and vision given April 14, 2021

While praying I saw what seemed to be sheep but upon looking longer I saw around their mouths a grey colour then the sheep turned into grinding teeth wolves.

Then I heard “ Soon all the false prophets, pastors, evangelists , teachers and ministers will not be able to hide anymore. Their true nature will be exposed .