Fire of God ( part VI)

While I was praying with my prayer partner , we were lead , by the Spirit of God, to ask God to scratch the surface of the thick wall preventing her breakthrough.

This method is good to use when the Holy Spirit told you that there is a thick wall in need of breaking in order to receive your blessing.

After asking “ O God arise and scratch the surface of the wall preventing my breakthrough in the name of Jesus Christ.” The Holy Spirit suggests to say “ O God arise and loose your fire on this wall in the name of Jesus Christ. ”

This method is really efficient. We were lead into victory last night.

To the devil’s followers

Prophecy given April 15, 2021

Yesterday, the 15 of April , something unusual happened . I was having a pretty uneventful day when out of the blue I started to feel oppression.

At first, I thought it was boredom, so I started to listen to preachings on youtube. But I still felt oppressed. Then, I played and worshipped with anointed music which gave me some sort of relief . Finally, I decided to go pray.

While praying, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that I was being attacked by some witch from the internet who read a post about the fire of God on this blog.

God showed me what happened to her spirit and it was not nice.

This is the message that God has for the devil’s followers .

Woe to the world, life is so complicated for satan’s followers. Woe to them, soon they will see where they are going.

Peace of God

Prophecy and vision given April 15, 2021

While praying I heard “ Come take this letter. ” and then I saw a scroll piercing the sky followed by this message.

Peace, peace , peace for My children. God’s honour is found in His order. He does things in order. God does things in order.

Sometimes, God is going to make you wait for years because He is just waiting for you to leave something behind. And only when you leave it behind, He will guide you to the next step.

A lot of people are stuck because they do not want to leave something or someone behind that God told them a long time ago to do.

People of God, let’s be wise and obey his voice.

Fire of God (part IV)

How to increase God’s fire in a place ? You can increase it by saying “ Fire” repeatedly followed by “ of God in this place in the name of Jesus Christ.

Another way is by saying “ I spew the fire of God” after having already call the fire of God in a place.

Example “ Fire of God in this house in the name of Jesus ” followed by “ I spew the fire of God into this fire in the name of Jesus Christ.”

This will put your fire stronger and help push and keep away evil spirits.

Obedience to God

While I was praying , God started to talk me about certain things that are about to take place for me as well as other Christian who remained faithful unto Him.

He explained that because of my obedience, He will bless me .

For the past months, I’ve been on a journey with God. He took from a place where I was only praying 5 min at most per day to where I spend almost all of my time in prayer or listening to anointed music or learning from man/woman of God that He directs me to listen too.

I came to this point by His grace. When I started this real walk with God, my life was going great by worldly standards. I had (still have) a nice condo, just became a mother , was (still Am) married to a great guy and had a great career. But when I finally answered to God’s call , there are things that God told me to let go and I did.

Some of the things were to let go of my career which I went to university for while having a mortgage to pay . To let go of friends who , according to worldly and even some christian standards , were great people. To stop contact with some of my family members and many other things. But I did , sometimes with a heavy heart and sometimes with tears on my face.

While all of this was and is still taking place, one thing I know for sure is God has a plan for me and for you too, reader. I know , sometimes, things may seem a little chaotic and you don’t really know where God is taking you but just trust Him, obey Him and you’ll see.

When two or three…

Prayer partners are important. If you read in Matthew 18:20 NKJV “ For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.”, the bible clearly states that when two or three are praying together He is there with them. Who is there?

The Holy Spirit is there in the midst of them. Someone may ask , it’s not Jesus who is there ? No, Jesus sits on His throne until it’s time for Him to come back on earth. The Holy Spirit , the Spirit of God, that Jesus sent on His behalf is the one that is present when we are gathered in prayer.

When the Holy Spirit is in the mist of a group praying, there is a level of fire that is produce from all the little fire of the Holy Spirit that is in each and everyone .

This fire produces miracle, deliverance, give peace, spiritual tongues are spoken and so much more. The fire of God is moving and people feel it.

The problem is that now, people have so little fire of the Holy Spirit in them that when they gathered the Spirit of God doesn’t have enough fire to operate .

People of God, this is about to change . God will pour out His spirit on all flesh and you will not miss it because signs and wonders will follow.

This storm will pass

Prophecy given April 15, 2021

This storm will pass . A time of protection for Christians . While the world will go through a period of storms, My people will be protected. My people will not lack because they have been preparing for that time. Did you prepare ? You, reader, I’ve sent my prophet many times to announce those things to come but people have ignored her but I will let her give this last warning. People of God, buy food and water you will regret if you don’t.

Wolves in sheep clothing

Prophecy and vision given April 14, 2021

While praying I saw what seemed to be sheep but upon looking longer I saw around their mouths a grey colour then the sheep turned into grinding teeth wolves.

Then I heard “ Soon all the false prophets, pastors, evangelists , teachers and ministers will not be able to hide anymore. Their true nature will be exposed .

The fire of God (part II)

For some days , the Holy Spirit prompted me to say , while praying, “I spew out the fire of God in Jesus name.” Over and over.

At first, I found it a little weird but I went along. Later on, He explained it further. The Holy Spirit explained that this method (spewing out the fire of God) is really efficient . That it is the Holy Spirit within me that is spewing the fire and not me.

People of God this method is really efficient. Especially if you are dealing with deliverance, severe spiritual attack and other things. Let the Spirit of God guide you. But you have to be in a sanctified state to use it , if not you could find yourself in a dangerous situation.

Death does not discriminate

Prophecy given April 9, 2021

Yesterday while I was praying and thinking about a certain person death I heard

Death comes without warning. If you die today, do you know where you are going? In heaven or in hell ? Life does not come with a warranty for nobody. Tomorrow anyone who was alive yesterday and today can die . If you want to be sure where you are going , you better stay close to Me.

My Grace is almost finished

Prophecy given April 8, 2021

I was wondering what should I write today since it was almost 9:15 AM and didn’t receive a prophecy that didn’t concern me or my family members. Then, the Holy Spirit told me to write directly on my blog this message.

My Grace is almost finishing. People of God, you better be sure that you are with me 100 %. A time of trouble is ahead of you. Be prepared in prayer, fasting and praise. Do not leave the altar. Put fire on your altar. Rest with Me.

The fire of God is powerful

Jesus Christ gave us His blood on calvary. His blood is really powerful . His blood washes away our sins . His blood keeps us protected. His blood will do great things in your life.

But when you are dealing with witchcraft attacks or you are under severe demonic attack , the fire of God is more adequate to fight against those things.

The fire of God is a tool given unto us by God Himself. It does wonders. Try it when you are under attack and see what it will do.

The fire of God is waiting to be used by Christians. Use it .

Praying is essential

Prophecy given April 6, 2021

Praying is essential. This morning the Holy Spirit prompt me to write about praying. He told to write about ” cool method” . At first, I didn’t understand where it was going, but I obeyed and started to type what He was telling me. At the end, I finally understood that it was about prayer. Here is the message that the Holy Spirit gave me this morning.

The Holy Spirit taught me to pray until I see vision and start to prophesy. This method is a way to pray. Pray, pray, pray until you start feeling different. Pray until you see visions. Pray until you are prophesying. Pray until your prayers are answered . Pray until you can feel peace. Pray until you cannot bend to the attack of the enemy. Pray, pray , pray.

Quebec, are you there ?

Prophecy given April 3, 2021

While praying I heard

Hello, Quebec, are you listening ?

After the Holy Spirit told me to look the number 999 into the Strong concordance of the Bible. 999 means Binah which translate to an understanding.

Then I heard

Quebec you rejected me.

Quebec you will know death.

Death will wash you out.

Wash you out. Bye bye.

A hair in my home

Yesterday, after coming back from a walk with my family, I saw a hair on the countertop of my kitchen. When I saw it, I started to laugh because just the day before in my prayer line group, the minister who is in charge talked about how for some days he was seeing (in the physical realm) a white hair in his house.

Mind you, this hair was long and wavy. My husband, kid and myself all have some type of curly hair. I ,then, picked up the hair after asking permission of the Holy Spirit and showed it to my husband. He thought that maybe we picked up the hair while walking outside, but I knew it wasn’t that.

So, when I started to pray the Holy Spirit revealed to me that hair belongs to a chariot. This hair is from a evil horse tail. He , then, prompt me to put the fire of God all through the house. I did this for the majority of my prayer time.

This morning, He told me to continue sending fire throughout the whole house. I did this for 15 min.

This is a way of protection. People of God, please consider putting the fire of God throughout your house. The fire of God acts as a fire for evil being pushing them out and burning them alive. Put it everyday on all the walls of your house.

This morning, during my prayer time, the Holy Spirit told me to always apply the fire of God on my walls before leaving the house. Mind you, I did pray before going out , asking God to send His angels to watch over the house, but the fire of God does something else it keeps the evil from entering.


Prophecy given March 31, 2021

While praying I heard “ I will not lay low. I will deal with her . Merika, look at me, I will deal with you. There will be a lot of deaths. Yes. They will not get that message but I will do it . They will be amazed by My strength. I will do it. I will .


Prophecy and vision given March 30, 2021

While praying I saw a group of protesters breaking a window store while a red flag was floating over them.

Then I heard “ Chaos is coming now.” Followed by “ Let’s build. Let’s destroy. Let’s wait and see. Those will be the reactions of people. You, My people, build for Me. It will be blessed. ”


Prophecy given March 29,2021

While praying I heard

Where should we hide ?

Where should I go?

Come here my kids.

Come here.

I will take you to My mountain.

My Holy place.

Come. Come. Come.

I will hide you from your ennemies.

I will make your way plain.

Forever and ever.

Build for God’s Kingdom

Prophecy given March 29, 2021

While I was praying, the Holy Spirit told me to look for number 2232 in Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible .

2232 equals to Zara in Hebrew which mean to sow, scatter seed.

Then I heard, “It’s time to gather your seeds and to plant and sow right rnow. Leave it like this . It will grow. It will grow. It will grow. It will grow to a point where you won’t believe it .

The beast is here

Vision given February 4, 2021

While praying, I saw a man kneeling full of tattoos with a sword going out of his head.

Interpretation given some weeks ago: This man is not a man. He appears to be a man but, in fact, he is a beast. This beast has an authority in this world and he is a politician.


Prophecy given March 26, 2021

After praying this morning, I heard “ Tell my people that time is short . Soon, life will change and it will not go back this time. This time will be not like any other time because , now, things will be taken of you. ”

Frozen water

Prophecy and vision given March 25, 2021

While in prayer I heard “ Woes for Canada. Frozen water are breaking . Yes, frozen water are breaking (while hearing that I saw a polar bear falling into a body of water). Canada, terror is here. Bye bye for the unjust.

This prophetic message reminds me of a vision that I’ve received January 4th, 2021 while praying for Canada . I saw frozen water melting and breaking .

Three years

Prophecy and vision given March 25, 2021

While praying, I saw from a back viewpoint a 3 year old kid with golden-blonde hair sitting with air blowing in his hair . Then , I heard “ In 3 years things will drastically change for my people. It will be very hard for Christians.

Aborted mission

Prophecy and vision given March 25, 2021

While praying I saw a cartoon bear trying to eat from a bee nest. Then, I heard “ Russia is trying to takeover the nest. The nest is the States of America. Now they will try their hardest to take the States but I will look for a moment when they are not ready and I will strike .


Prophecy given March 24, 2021

While praying I heard “ Peace, peace, peace. Peace is here for God’s children but the internet will pass. You will need to be able to pray and to know how to be protected. My children, I want to tell you that soon the world will put in place measures against you but I will protect you.


Prophecy and vision given March 24, 2021

While praying I saw three plastic figurine soldiers with riffles . Then, I heard “ A time of war is approaching. It will be a big battle. By nature, it will be different, in the sense it will be modern and nothing like before.”


Prophecy given March 24, 2021

While praying I heard “ Malls are empty. Streets are empty by law. It will be an order to stay home. Too late. It will leave people evil. It will be like an attack. Prepare for it. Leave your house now , buy what you can. Now. Leave now, now, now.


Prophecy given March 23, 2021

While praying I heard “ Another flood is coming soon. It will cause the internet to go, by the time it comes, there will be an attack on voices. Prophetic voices will be shutdown. There will be censorship for leaders in the land of the free.


Prophecy given March 22, 2021

While in prayer, I heard “ Listen good for your life because it will be necessary. Listen mainly for instructions, detailed info for my political leaders for the legalistic optic . Beware of the plans of evil. Beware of the lecture of orders. Beware of the peak-hole of the evil one. Political legal league, I am here with you . Victims of entities, be cool. ”


Prophecy given March 21, 2021

While in prayer , the Holy Spirit prompt me to look in the Strong Concordance Bible the number 22 and 4 together. “ 22= El is my father and 4=fruit ” then I heard “ Shaking, shaking, shaking for the earth

I believe it means that there will be a shaking of the world but it will be God’s will .

1, 2, 3

Prophecy given March 20, 2021

While in prayer, I heard “ Start the countdown 1, 2, 3 it’s going. The sword was retained but now it loosed because of iniquity and lack of repentance. No turning away from sins. Soon, it will detonate.

Nothing left

Prophecy and vision given March 18, 2021

I was praying then I saw a frail cow. I heard “ People will be astonished. They won’t believe it. There will be very little food and it will be costly. People will do lines to eat but the food given will be a small amount. This food will be bad. It will contain past due ingredients .

A shaking is coming

Prophecy and vision given March 18, 2021

While I was praying, God told me to go with an angel and I went. I was taken in a place where there was a divide in a land. On the right side, there was green land and on the left, a desolate land. Then , I heard “ There will be a great shaking. Lands are going to get separated. It will happen early early. It will be a terrible one. A lot of people are going to die. I will bless My children in the wilderness.

Change of head

Prophecy and vision given March 18, 2021

While praying, I saw the head of a horse. Then , I asked if it meant the States and got the confirmation. I heard next that

There will be a change of head in the presidency.

There will be some battle .

There will be tension in the country.

It will create a lot of chaos.

Antifa will do a lot coup.

There will be blowing up of bridge.

Police will be attacked .

Punks will steal.

BLM will do a lot of damage

She will be gone

Prophecy given March 17, 2021

While I was praying , I received a text from my prayer partner ( ) saying she saw a vision while praying for me . She saw a woman getting violated and heard that “He will tell me more about that later .”

So when I started to pray about that, I received this revelation “ This is a politician who is being used by others. She is a prostitute without even knowing. ”

I , then, proceeded to ask if it was Kamala Harris and I heard “ Yes. She will be ordered to leave by the authorities. She is already in the casket and now, she will see what will happen to her

Rich Asians are watching

Prophecy and vision given March 16, 2021

While in prayer, I saw an Asian man with reading glasses wearing a nice sweater and a classic shirt . Today God gave me the interpretation : “ You will see Asians who are wealthy get even richer by the day. They are watching closely every move in the world , they are monitoring the monitors of this world and they are making good moves for their pocket. ”

You were right

Prophecy given March 16, 2021

Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God? . This message is for all God’s prophets who prophesied in truth despite the laughs , mockery and bad tongues. Soon, the world will know that I spoke by your mouths. The time for the harvest is here .

Don’t want to fly

Prophecy and vision given March 15, 2021

While in prayer, I saw a group of penguins then I heard “ People who don’t want to take up their cross. People who don’t want to spread their wings and fly. Those people will not enter into heaven because they do not want to cleave to God. They will go where their pleasure is . They will go where they cannot do their own desires.

See the problem is that by rejecting God for temporary pleasures ,you are putting yourself in a place where you want even be able to do your own desires.

People is time to get on fire for God .