Fire of God ( part VI)

While I was praying with my prayer partner , we were lead , by the Spirit of God, to ask God to scratch the surface of the thick wall preventing her breakthrough.

This method is good to use when the Holy Spirit told you that there is a thick wall in need of breaking in order to receive your blessing.

After asking “ O God arise and scratch the surface of the wall preventing my breakthrough in the name of Jesus Christ.” The Holy Spirit suggests to say “ O God arise and loose your fire on this wall in the name of Jesus Christ. ”

This method is really efficient. We were lead into victory last night.

Fire of God (part III)

One day , while praying with my prayer partner, it was brought out by the Spirit of God that there was a thick wall blocking her breakthrough.

We were lead by the Spirit of God to send His fire over it, then I started to see a ray of light going through. So, we continued sending God’s fire on it.

This method of sending the fire of God on a thick wall in the heavenlies is very efficient for praying when there’s delays that are not explained by sin (you already asked for forgiveness, cleansed your bloodline with the blood of Jesus but still nothing) . This method opens up the wall and make a way for the blessings of God to be delivered to you .

People of God, use this method with faith and you shall see the difference in Jesus name.