The different types of witchcraft

I was praying and asking God about a friend of mine who always seemed to me to be unreliable and at times jealous. I was asking God if she was involve in witchcraft since I always felt something off with her. Then the Lord proceeded to explain to me the different types of witchcraft.

  1. Voluntary and conscious: Those are the ones who practice witchcraft voluntary and consciously.They are searching for information to advance in the occult. They are willingly being used by the devil.They are in a cahoots with him. Example : People who cast spells, who travel in the night voluntarily (astral projection), etc.

2. Voluntary and unconscious: Those are the ones who practice witchcraft but unknowingly. They have to practice it because they are possess by evil spirit. It can come from blood line or by being exposed to spirits in dwelling such as a cemetery. Those people will do things deem as not harmful such as reading cards or telling fortune. Usually, comes from bloodline or being exposed to evil objects or spirits. They will not consider what they are doing as witchcraft but in reality it is. They need deliverance. Example: Tarots cards readers or divination coming from family.

3. Involuntary and conscious: Those are people who are not doing witchcraft willingly but are aware they are doing it. They cannot stop themselves because they are possess by evil spirits. Those spirits tell them what to do. They need deliverance and be set free. Example: A young kid doing witchcraft to his family

4. Involuntary and unconscious : Those are the ones who are practising witchcraft unwillingly and unknowingly. They are subjected to witchcraft activity because of generational curses and openings. They are possess by evil spirits who are using them at night, in the spiritual world, to do harm. They are prisoners of those evil spirits. They need deliverance. Example: People who through bloodline are initiated into evil kingdoms and forced to do harm.

People of God, we all have to go through some sort of deliverance whether it be a self-deliverance or one by ordained minister. Deliverance is a must to reach our full destiny. There will be a section of prayer points for self-deliverance coming soon.

God bless.