This storm will pass

Prophecy given April 15, 2021

This storm will pass . A time of protection for Christians . While the world will go through a period of storms, My people will be protected. My people will not lack because they have been preparing for that time. Did you prepare ? You, reader, I’ve sent my prophet many times to announce those things to come but people have ignored her but I will let her give this last warning. People of God, buy food and water you will regret if you don’t.

Nothing left

Prophecy and vision given March 18, 2021

I was praying then I saw a frail cow. I heard “ People will be astonished. They won’t believe it. There will be very little food and it will be costly. People will do lines to eat but the food given will be a small amount. This food will be bad. It will contain past due ingredients .