America, the visions and prophecies concerning her

– December 26,2020: While I was praying for America, I saw dirty water going through the cities. People of God, water is coming for the States. It will be brutal. Prepare people. “You are not ready saith the Lord of Hosts.

– January 2, 2021: While I was praying, I saw a typical American who was missing a hand , it looked like an amputation from a war. Then, I heard “there will be a war in the States. Prepare for war, it’s coming”.

– January 3, 2021: While I was praying , I saw an horse . Then I heard, a horse will die and he will replace by another one. The horse represents an empire, America will be replace by another one country. This will happen soon but not now . Prepare for war. You will go through war.

– January 15, 2021: While I was praying , I saw the statue of Liberty surrounded with water up to its chest. I said “ God have mercy, God have mercy ”then I heard “No pity for the unjust, unrighteous, idolaters, Freemasons. Amen

Interpretation: God is going to judge America starting with the East Coast. Be prepare to see a lot of calamities. People of God will be protected . Some will die, others will live. God will bring back to Him some of his children who are ready to go.