Peace of God

Prophecy and vision given April 15, 2021

While praying I heard “ Come take this letter. ” and then I saw a scroll piercing the sky followed by this message.

Peace, peace , peace for My children. God’s honour is found in His order. He does things in order. God does things in order.

Sometimes, God is going to make you wait for years because He is just waiting for you to leave something behind. And only when you leave it behind, He will guide you to the next step.

A lot of people are stuck because they do not want to leave something or someone behind that God told them a long time ago to do.

People of God, let’s be wise and obey his voice.


Prophecy given March 24, 2021

While praying I heard “ Peace, peace, peace. Peace is here for God’s children but the internet will pass. You will need to be able to pray and to know how to be protected. My children, I want to tell you that soon the world will put in place measures against you but I will protect you.