To the devil’s followers

Prophecy given April 15, 2021

Yesterday, the 15 of April , something unusual happened . I was having a pretty uneventful day when out of the blue I started to feel oppression.

At first, I thought it was boredom, so I started to listen to preachings on youtube. But I still felt oppressed. Then, I played and worshipped with anointed music which gave me some sort of relief . Finally, I decided to go pray.

While praying, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that I was being attacked by some witch from the internet who read a post about the fire of God on this blog.

God showed me what happened to her spirit and it was not nice.

This is the message that God has for the devil’s followers .

Woe to the world, life is so complicated for satan’s followers. Woe to them, soon they will see where they are going.