The different types of witchcraft

I was praying and asking God about a friend of mine who always seemed to me to be unreliable and at times jealous. I was asking God if she was involve in witchcraft since I always felt something off with her. Then the Lord proceeded to explain to me the different types of witchcraft.

  1. Voluntary and conscious: Those are the ones who practice witchcraft voluntary and consciously.They are searching for information to advance in the occult. They are willingly being used by the devil.They are in a cahoots with him. Example : People who cast spells, who travel in the night voluntarily (astral projection), etc.

2. Voluntary and unconscious: Those are the ones who practice witchcraft but unknowingly. They have to practice it because they are possess by evil spirit. It can come from blood line or by being exposed to spirits in dwelling such as a cemetery. Those people will do things deem as not harmful such as reading cards or telling fortune. Usually, comes from bloodline or being exposed to evil objects or spirits. They will not consider what they are doing as witchcraft but in reality it is. They need deliverance. Example: Tarots cards readers or divination coming from family.

3. Involuntary and conscious: Those are people who are not doing witchcraft willingly but are aware they are doing it. They cannot stop themselves because they are possess by evil spirits. Those spirits tell them what to do. They need deliverance and be set free. Example: A young kid doing witchcraft to his family

4. Involuntary and unconscious : Those are the ones who are practising witchcraft unwillingly and unknowingly. They are subjected to witchcraft activity because of generational curses and openings. They are possess by evil spirits who are using them at night, in the spiritual world, to do harm. They are prisoners of those evil spirits. They need deliverance. Example: People who through bloodline are initiated into evil kingdoms and forced to do harm.

People of God, we all have to go through some sort of deliverance whether it be a self-deliverance or one by ordained minister. Deliverance is a must to reach our full destiny. There will be a section of prayer points for self-deliverance coming soon.

God bless.

Stop worshipping false gods

In the West, for the few decades, the influence of Eastern culture has increased tremendously. You cannot go to a spa or a restoration center without seeing something associated with the East.

You will be surprise at the number of Christians who have false gods in their home. You will be surprise to see what kinds of statues resides in their home.

When you erect a statue in a place, you dedicate the place to what the statue represents. If you an idol in your home, you dedicate your home to this idol. When you put the statue of Buddha in your home, Buddha is the lord of your home . If you an object that represent a god then that god is the lord of your home.

You have to cleanse your house, your business and your holy place (body) of any pollution. Pray to God to reveal unto you all the idols in your life .

Apostle woman ? Is it biblical?

I was praying inquiring God about something heard in an Audible book. In the book, the author was saying that a woman was an apostle which surprised me. I thought that woman could not hold position of power in the church so I was confuse.

Then, God explained to me how woman apostle is biblical. The role of an apostle is to establish churches not to preside over them. Apostle battle for territory in their prayers then in the physical realm, they open churches presided by anointed man of God.

Women can open churches but they cannot preside over them. Women cannot have authority over men meaning they cannot teach directly to men. They can teach if they are with their husband on their side, literally on their side . They can teach if they are under the will of God meaning if God told them directly to teach to somebody (male or female). Also the other way they can teach is through media , this is a new one, there are women who are called to teach through media in this season. Those women are not disturbing the order of things because they are not teaching directly to men. If a man decides to listen to those videos, that’s him deciding for himself to put a woman over him and that’s his choice . Not a bad one nor a good one, only his choice.

People of God, women can be apostle. Nothing wrong with that and do not come with explications saying how it was only in that time that women could not hold position of power in the church. “This a false doctrine. My Word never changes saith the Lord of Hosts

Baptism ; an essential for salvation

Yesterday while I was praying and inquiring about the salvation of my sister-in-law, God explained to me the importance of salvation through baptism.

If you have accepted Christ as the Lord of your life and did not get baptize, and die you will not get into heaven .

Please note that refers to people who have the opportunity to get baptize and don’t take it. Not to people who are on the verge of dying. Those people can only accept Jesus Christ in their heart and receive a spiritual baptism of water.

Baptism is essential for salvation. As you read the Bible, you will see that after Christ was taken back , everybody who accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour were baptize on the spot in the name of Jesus Christ.

If you were baptize to the names of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit then you need to get rebaptize in the name of Jesus Christ.

Bible verses to read (non-exhaustive list) :

– Mark 16:15-16